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Chrys Watches GoT [x]

god it’s almost wrong how funny this is

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Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them

That second to last panel is chilling.

#and because women have created a community where they don’t need to buy anything to get what they want

I think about this ALL THE TIME. I fucking love it. 

Fandom is the most brilliant, beautiful, collaborative, critical, deeply subversive stuff there is and I ADORE IT TO PIECES.

And no, it’s not all women—certainly not, absolutely not. But I’d say it’s vast majority women. (…Ridiculous crazy vast majority anybody-except-cis-men.) I know I often think of fandom as a feminine and/or queer-centered space.

I’m reblogging for the added commentary and to add a link to a meta I recently came across. The whole thing is worth a read, but the first paragraph really resonates:

The types of fandom that are most often considered traditional and acceptable, and which are often either male-dominated or coded as masculine, tend to be acquisitive, whether in terms of knowledge (obscure trivia) or merchandise (collectibles). Whereas, by contrast, the types of fandom most often considered insincere, non-serious or “unreal”, and which are often either female-dominated or coded as feminine, tend to be creative, such as making costumes, writing fanfic and drawing fanart. (via fozmeadows)


She’s one of us now. She’s a monster.

           She’s a victim.

                      So were we, once upon a time.


But no one’s ever stayedyou know, lingered. That’s what I missed out on—that kind of closeness.

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Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women for the money. And it made her miserable.

As a young writer, Alcott concentrated on lurid pulp stories of revenge, murder, and adultery–“blood and thunder” literature, as she called i–and enjoyed writing very much. She was in her mid 30s when an editor suggested she try writing a book for girls. Alcott wasn’t very interested, but her father was a complete moron with money and had left the family in terrible financial trouble. Alcott wrote Little Women in hopes of some decent sales and a little breathing room and got way more than she asked for. The money in sequels was too good to turn down (and her father didn’t get any smarter with a dime), but Alcott hated writing what she called “moral pap for the young” and longed to return to the smut and violence of her early endeavors.
Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Books and Authors You Had to Read in High School (via bookriot)
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I get confused when people say that they love Roslin and Adama as characters but then refuse to admit or discuss the fact that Roslin was a tyrant and Adama is a spiteful ass and negligent and manipulative father and that Gaeta’s mutiny wasn’t 100% without merit. 

*cough* all your bsg faves are problematic by design *cough*


But you don’t understand MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT LAURA ROSLIN IS THAT SHE’S A TYRANT. Like, she’s a soft-spoken principled school teacher who steals elections and manouvers herself into power and has hardened military men wrapped around her finger. And she doesn’t even raise her voice while doing so! She’s a delight, especially because she’s problematic. I wouldn’t want her any other way.

The Scottish Doctor has arrived

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My mother cannot be counted on. She is not to be trusted.

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I can wait here all night until you apologize.

I applaud Virginia’s self control. WOULD HAVE PUSHED HIM OFF THE BALCONY.

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